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The World Needs the Best Version of You

Current substance abuse treatment requires those who have been exposed to illegal substances to be separated for treatment and return to immense shame and guilt for having fallen into a pattern that may not have been intentional.

Not all who have consumed an illegal substance require that approach that can be expensive, repetitive and poorly matched to client needs.

Alive provides software that matches you to the right level of care for each stage of substance exposure and progress through treatment to reduce the ever-increasing level of relapse, stigma and feelings of defeat.

Our Process is Built forYou

Alive cuts the exorbitant cost of treatment, matches different user segments to educational content per stage - provided with assessments - to ensure knowledge retention in a gamified way, and tracks biomarkers in partnership with you and our Physicians to ensure sustainable results that keep you on track.

Our Services

We help you find ways to maximize treatment outcomes and improve lives through

Access to Physicians

We connect you with Board certified Physicians and Counselors to produce the best outcomes for clients. If you are in crisis and need additional care, please call 911 immediately. Alive is not a substitute for emergency care.

Matching to Right Level of Care

Our software is designed to match you, based on the information we help you track through your journey, to the right level of care per stage.


We connect users to Navigators - mentors who have survived and are thriving - to replicate positive outcomes across our communities, and support your journey.

Our Team

We are a passionate team of professionals who have witnessed firsthand the effects of substance misuse on family, friends and the community and have found current systems of support to be rigid and insufficient for all stages of the journey.

We know that user needs might change, not only periodically, but multiple times a day, and requires software that can track and support you through the phases.
We want to see more people restored from a dangerous disease with devastating effects, and lead them to a better and more fulfilled life.

“We, the Alive Founders, are parents, friends and family of people who have dealt with misuse of illegal or illicit substances and seen the effect first-hand of loss of dreams, talents, and sometimes lives to this epidemic. ”

We also have seen firsthand that the current care process does not adequately segment client needs to ensure long-term success. Clients are provided with regimented schedules and the same treatment material - for first time and multiple substance users - leading to a disconnection from the care process. This dissatisfaction results in a negative loop requiring multiple rounds of care.
Alive is personalizing the process to recommend care at each stage of the client’s evolving journey to ensure that users stay constantly connected to their goals for the benefit of themselves, their families and our communities.

Odiakosa Obazeh
CEO of Alive